Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Sun 29   OLDCOURT WOOD, Clarke’s Hill, Rochestown 

Park in Upper Belmont Estate (W725686) Cork  County League  

SI cards can be hired on the day at eur 1 (eur 35 if lost or damaged).

BROWN course 9.6 km, 325 m climb, 30 controls (SI)
BLUE course 7.6 km, 275 m climb, 24 controls (SI)
GREEN course 6.2 km, 200 m climb, 22 controls (SI)
RED course 5.0 km, 150 m climb, 12 controls (SI or hand-punching)
ORANGE course 4.0 km, 100 m climb, 10 controls (hand-punching)

Event entry fees: Families €15, adults €8, students €4, juniors €3.
Pre-entry required to guarantee that maps are available on the day.
Some entries accepted on the day but mainly for the shortest course.
Entries on-line at www.orienteering.ie before 6 pm the previous day.
If you are unable to enter on orienteering.ie web site before 6 pm the previous day then send e-mail to  seancotter001@eircom.net before 9 pm the previous day (include names, courses required and number of maps required per course)
Unless otherwise stated, for all events
Start Times are from 10.30 am to 12 noon
Courses Close at 1 pm