Monday, March 28, 2011


Sunday 3rd April 2011
FARRAN FOREST PARK, Farran (W 478 712) 10 am to 1 pm
Map Scale 1: 5 000 Cork Spring League (Round 5) & Family Day
Planner: Caroline Dennehy
Helpers: Michael Duggan

BLUE COURSE: 6.7 km, 280 m, 30 c (Two maps)
GREEN COURSE: 5.4 km, 260 m, 25 c (Two maps)
RED COURSE: 3.4 km, 100 m, 15 c
ORANGE COURSE: 2.7 km, 95 m, 13 c
YELLOW COURSE: 2.0 km, 60 m, 8 c

Monday, March 21, 2011

Next Munster League Event - 27th March Crohane Lake

There will be a Munster League event on Crohane Lake on Sunday.

This area was used for the 1998 World Cup Qualification Races (the only WC race to ever be held in Ireland). It is typical West Cork/Kerry terrain, open mountain with intricate contour detail. The yellow and orange courses (beginner courses) will not visit the mountain on this occasion, but will instead use the Ross and Chru na Lua map (1:7500), which is a forest with a network of forest roads and tracks. The yellow course is all on forest roads, with the orange course using some rougher tracks.

Parking for the event will be at Ross an Chru na Lua, on the Poulgorm Bridge to Kilgarvan Road, the R569. From Cork turn left (from Killarney/Glenflesk turn right) at Poulgorm Bride on the N22, signposted for Kenmare. The event will also be signed from this junction. There is a parking area on the right-hand side of the road on a bend, so approach with caution, approximately 6km after turning off the N22. An overflow car-park is located on the other side of the road. Please take care when crossing this road which despite being a Regional Road has a 100kph speed limit.

Start 1 & Finish 1 (at parking area)
Yellow, 2.6km. 80m climb
Orange, 3.7km, 130m climb

Start 2 & Finish 2 (c1.5km from parking)
Brown, 8.1km, 370m climb
Blue, 5.5km, 280m climb
Green, 3.8km, 190m climb
Light Green, 3km, 125m climb

The route from parking to Start 2 is along tracks with the route being taped at decision points. The start and finish are adjacent to each other. Clothing can be left at the finish with bags being provided.

Registration will be from 10.45 to 12.45, with starts from 11.00 to 13.00.
Courses Close at 14.45.

Important Note – Clocks change on March 27th, they go forward by 1 hour.

This is not an event to miss, chances to orienteer on this type ofterrain do not come along too often!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Sunday 27th March 2011
KNOCKAUN WOOD, off main Tallow / Youghal road (nearer to Tallow) (X 026 879) 10 am to 1 pm Map Scale 1: 10 000 Cork Spring League (Round 4) & Family Day - Planner: SC

BLUE COURSE: 7.6 km, 165 m, 21 c (One map)
GREEN COURSE: 6.3 km, 135 m, 18 c
RED COURSE: 5.7 km, 105 m, 16 c
ORANGE COURSE: 4.9 km, 75 m, 10 c
YELLOW COURSE: 4.1 km, 70 m, 8 c

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Wednesday 23rd March & Sunday 20th March 2011 24th ALL-IRELAND SCHOOLS ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS & INTRODUCTORY EVENT Secondary Schools & Primary Schools Four best finishers (Secondary individuals and Primary pairs/Individuals) to count per team per class.

Selection event for World Schools Championships ISOA meeting on the day Irish Schools Orienteering Association Start times: 10 am to 1 pm

Entries (numbers per each class) to Sean Cotter (; 021-4546194; 45 Rossbrook, Model Farm Road, Cork City) BEFORE 15TH MARCH for pre-marked maps.

Map packages available for collection / delivery / postage if sufficient notice given (at least seven days).
Eur 3 pp

The four best of the eight league events to count.
Map Scale 1: 7 500
All courses will be available at the same venue on Sunday 20th March.

(i) INTRODUCTORY COURSE: 1.5 km, 10 m, 7 c
Post Junior Cert Boys: 3.3 km, 90 m, 15 c
Post Junior Cert Girls: 3.0 km, 80 m, 12 c
Transition Year Boys: 2.6 km, 70 m, 15 c
Transition Year Girls: 2.6 km, 70 m, 15 c
Second & Third Year Boys: 2.7 km, 80 m, 12 c
Second & Third Year Girls: 2.7 km, 80 m, 12 c
First Year Boys: 2.5 km, 70 m, 14 c
First Year Girls: 2.5 km, 70 m, 14 c
Primary Boys (6th Class): 1.5 km, 60 m, 9 c
Primary Girls (6th Class): 1.5 km, 60 m, 9 c
Primary Boys (5th Class): 1.4 km, 60 m, 7 c
Primary Girls (5th Class): 1.4 km, 60 m, 7 c


Sunday 20th March 2011
GOUGANE BARRA FOREST PARK, Ballingeary (W 082 650) 10 am to 1 pm Map Scale 1: 7 500 Cork Spring League (Round 3) & Family Day & Schools event
Planner: SC

BLUE COURSE: 6.0 km, 270 m, 32 c (Second map)
GREEN COURSE: 5.1 km, 230 m, 30 c (Second map)
RED COURSE: 3.5 km, 130 m, 16 c
ORANGE COURSE: 2.5 km, 70 m, 14 c
YELLOW COURSE: 1.5 km, 60 m, 9 c

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sunday 13th March 2011
PARK MOUNTAIN & MONALOO WOOD (X 005 854) Signposted from Mount Uniacke and also from Morrison's Half-Way Bar on Tallow/Youghal road (on the same road as Breeda Wood South and Kilcalfmountain Wood Southwest) 10 am to 1 pm Map Scale 1: 15 000 Cork Spring League (Round 2) & Family Day
Planner: SC

BLUE COURSE: 10.2 km, 225 m, 20 c
GREEN COURSE: 8.7 km, 185 m, 15 c
RED COURSE: 5.1 km, 115 m, 13 c
ORANGE COURSE: 4.0 km, 50 m, 8 c
YELLOW COURSE: 3.4 km, 50 m, 7 c

Monday, March 7, 2011

MOC 2010 Results

The 2010 Munster Champs was held yesterday in Inch Sanddunes, after bad weather and mapping delays meant last year's championships had to be slotted into this year's calender. The event's clash with the Ballycotton 10 meant some big names didn't travel to the event. A fabulously sunny day greeted competitors, with the dunes sheltering all from the chilly breeze. The long course lengths and tricky navigation provided a fantastic physical and mental challenge for all involved. There were long times to be seen in some of the higher up courses, where holding concentration to the very end proved to be the most difficult task of the day.

BOC had some great results, to take home six Munster Championship titles. A summary of results are below with full results to be found here.

1. Darren Burke CorkO
2. Gerard Butler 3ROC
3. Ruairi Short CNOC
13. Paul O'Sullivan-Hourihan BOC

1. Ruth Lynam CNOC
2. Mirjam Allik DUO
3. Sharon Lucey BOC

1. Donal Murphy

1. Josh O'Sullivan-Hourihan

2. Pat O'Donovan
3. Dermot O'Sullivan

1. John O'Donovan

2. Niall McCarthy

1. Natsuko Cotter

1. Zac O'Sullivan-Hourihan
2. Aaron Hayes
3. Eoin O'Neill
4. Duncan Lehane
5. Brian Lombard

1. Liam Cotter
2. Ciaran Cotter

The 2011 MOC's will be held by WATO in October.