Sunday, July 17, 2022


Sun 24    LEE FIELDS SOUTH, Crow's Nest / Victoria Cross. 

Cork Mid-Summer League

Park in Cork County Hall car parks on the Carrigrohane Straight Road and walk across the road to the traffic lights at Victoria Cross (small car park East of the large car park)

LINE Course c. 6.5 km, undisclosed number of controls
SCORE Course c. 5.3 km, 0 m climb, 18 controls
Orange Course 4.2 km, 0 m climb, 14 controls

LINE Course: undisclosed number of controls

SCORE Course: Time allowed 60 minutes; Penalty of 10 points per minute over; Bonus of 10 points per minute under provided all controls got.

For the Line Event, follow the red line on your map, as best as you can, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. When you locate a control on that line indicate its exact position on your map using either a safety pin or a biro (number of controls and their positions are not known to you beforehand). Penalty of five minutes per control missed. Time allowed 120 minutes.

For the Score Event visit as many controls as you can and in any order in 60 minutes or less.
Easy controls carry low points and difficult controls carry higher points. Penalty for being over the allowed time. Bonus points for under the time allowed provided all controls got.

BOC  ORIENTEERING EVENTS (you must pre-book)
SI event fees: Families €15, adults €8, students €4, juniors €3.
Hire of SI Card €1 per card per day (€40 if card is lost or damaged).
Start times 10.30 am to 1 pm,
Courses CLOSE at 2 pm SHARP.
Pre-entries for SI Timing before 6 pm the previous day to 
(After 6 pm you can send your entries to
Credits given for some no-shows (contact
A limited number of entries accepted on the day but mainly for the Yellow and Orange courses only.