Monday, January 3, 2011

Munster Schools Orienteering Jan 2011

Thursday 27th January & Sunday 30th January 2011 25th MUNSTER SCHOOLS ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS & INTRODUCTORY EVENT (also Cork Schools League Round 4) VERY SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS & for a school trip (nice area for a picnic, weather permitting!)

Secondary Schools & Primary Schools Four best finishers (Secondary individuals and Primary pairs/Individuals) to count per team per class.

DONERAILE FOREST PARK, Doneraile (R 603076) Start times: 10 am to 1 pm Selection event for World Schools Championships. Munster Schools Orienteering Association Entries (numbers per each class) to Sean Cotter (contact details on main website - click here) BEFORE 19TH JANUARY for pre-marked maps. Map packages available for collection / delivery / postage if sufficient notice given (at least seven days). Eur 3 pp.

The four best of the eight league events to count. Map Scale 1: 7 500. All courses will be available at the same venue the following Sunday 30th January.
(i) INTRODUCTORY COURSE: 4.0 km, 65 m, 10 c

Post Junior Cert Boys: 4.7 km, 65 m, 15 c
Post Junior Cert Girls: 4.1 km, 60 m, 12 c
Second & Third Year Boys: 4.2 km, 85 m, 11 c
Second & Third Year Girls: 4.2 km, 85 m, 11 c
First Year Boys: 3.5 km, 70 m, 11 c
First Year Girls: 3.5 km, 70 m, 11 c
Primary Boys (6th Class): 3.0 km, 60 m, 9 c
Primary Girls (6th Class): 3.0 km, 60 m, 9 c
Primary Boys (5th Class): 2.3 km, 40 m, 8 c
Primary Girls (5th Class): 2.3 km, 40 m, 8 c

A new improved service is now available from Schools Orienteering Associations for the mapping of school grounds and nearby Parks for orienteering. We will produce an orienteering map of your school or nearby Park and give you 50 colour copies for just eur 50 only (the remainder of the cost is subsidised by us). If interested, please give the exact position of your school or send us a location sketch and we will do the rest as we are now in the position of being able to obtain base maps of your school or nearby park for you.