Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2012 IOC awarded to BOC: volunteers needed

The 2012 Irish Orienteering Championships have been awarded to BOC.

Saturday 5th May 2012 Middle Distance event in Co. Tipperary
Sunday 6th May 2012 Classic (Long) Distance in Dingle sanddunes
Monday 7th May 2012 Club Relays in Dingle sanddunes (or Curraghchase Forest Park in Co. Limerick)

We now need to establish three teams, one for each day (you may volunteer for one or two or all three teams).

For each of the days we need:
Mappers & assistant mappers (including GPS mapping of open moorlands), entries secretary for pre-entries, registration, course planner, event controller, event organisor, prizes & prizegiving, drinks station, map collection, accommodation, land usage permission, electronic punching system (SI) operators, controls out, controls collection, parking officials, pre-starts and starts, finish, results, relay starts, relay changeovers, Event PRO, sponsorship getters, equipment officer, signposting, liaison with local commumities, entries on the day (N/C), erection of stiles, marshals, general helpers, etc, etc, etc.