Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nordic Tour: Stage Two Standings

Our clubmate Nick remains top of the Irish at the Nordic Tour after two stages. Hubmann takes a good lead after two stages, with a tight battle taking place between Weltzien and Muller for third place, with only a second seperating the pair. A similar dual is taking place between Seamus O'Boyle and David Healy in the Irish camp, with again a mere second between them.

1. Daniel Hubmann 53.46 (total time)
2. Audun Weltzien 55.10
3. Matthias Muller 55.11

59. Nick 66.04
63. Darren 70.26
65. Seamus 73.19
66. David 73.20
67. Ger 78.58

In the women's race, Niamh is putting up a strong and steady show, despite making a last minute decision to run in the second stage, after taking ill earlier in the tour. Niggli appears to be running away with the tour at this stage, but there is still another difficult stage to come.

1. Simone Niggli 51.29
2. Lena Eliasson 54.33
3. Maja Alam 55.33

Hope you all are keeping an eye on the live GPS tracking and web TV.

47. Niamh 69.24