Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tues 20th to Sun 25th

Any volunteers for Fota Tuesday morning for 31st Cork Schools Champs?
Any helpers for Sunday at The Long Strand?
Any volunteer to compile our league tables?


(1) Tuesday 20th November 2012
Enter Fota Wildlife Park near Belvelly Bridge and drive to the far off new car park (west of Fota House) 31st Cork Schools Championships & Introductory event, bookings required in advance

(2) Sunday 25th November 2012
THE LONG STRAND sand hills (LIDAR 2.5 m plot with 1.25 m form lines)
(W 323 346) Rathbarry, Clonakilty

Start times 10.30 am to 1 pm.
Basic map reading session for beginners at 1.45 pm while collecting controls.
Map Scale 1: 5 000
Cork County League (Round 4) & Family Day
Electronic punching (Sport Ident-SI) for Red to Brown courses
Hand punching for Yellow & Orange courses
SI card hire eur 2, current BOC members eur 1
SI card purchase eur 35 to current BOC members
Planner: Steve Perkins
Helpers: Ber O’Sullivan (Registration), Colm O’Sullivan (controls out)
BROWN COURSE (hardest): 7.0 km, 200 m, 26 c (One map)
BLUE COURSE: 5.5 km, 150 m, 22 c
GREEN COURSE 4.1 km, 150 m, 20 c
RED COURSE 3.2 km, 100 m, 12 c
ORANGE COURSE: 2.7 km, 75 m, 11 c
YELLOW COURSE: 2.1 km, 50 m, 9 c