Sunday, November 4, 2012

8th to 14th of November, 2012

Main event (Sunday) in red.
(1) Thursday 8th November 2012
CURRAGH WOOD on Midleton/Lisgoold road (W 859 765)
Schools event, bookings required before 6th November
(2) Sunday 11th November 2012
LABBADERMODY WOOD, off Macroom/Millstreet road, just north of Carriganimmy Village (W 244 808)  
LIMITED PARKING SPACE at the end of a long narrow road (arrive early and leave late)……best to park in Carriganimmy Village and fill cars (car pooling) before entering the wood
Start times 10.30 am to 1 pm. Basic map reading session for beginners at 1.45 pm while collecting controls.
Map Scale 1: 10 000 Cork County League (Round 2) & Family Day
Electronic punching (Sport Ident-SI) for Red to Brown courses
Hand punching for Yellow & Orange courses
SI card hire eur 2, current BOC members eur 1
SI card purchase eur 35 to current BOC members
Planner: SC
BROWN COURSE (hardest): 8.4 km, 200 m, 23 c (One map)
BLUE COURSE: 5.9 km, 150 m, 21 c
GREEN COURSE 5.2 km, 150 m, 17 c
RED COURSE 4.4 km, 100 m, 17 c
ORANGE COURSE: 2.5 km, 25 m, 10 c
YELLOW COURSE: 1.9 km, 15 m, 7 c

(3) Tuesday 13th November 2012
GLENSHESKIN WOOD, just north of Kilworth Village (R 639 0310)
Schools event, bookings required before 6th November

(4) Wednesday 14th November 2012
FARRAN FOREST PARK, Farran (W 478 712)
Schools event, bookings required before 12th November