Sunday, July 11, 2021

KILCORAN WOOD & Open Moorlands

Sunday 11th KILCORAN WOOD & Open Moorlands, on old Mitchelstown / Cahir Road (near Kilcoran Lodge Hotel)

Orange, Red, Green, Blue and Brown courses with IOA pre-entry.
Pre-Entries open on previous Sunday evening and close on the day before (Saturday 10th) at 3pm
Park on old Cork-Dublin road on the Cork side of Kilcoran Lodge Hotel
Start is about 750m distance/ 80m climb along a good forest road (from main road / registration / download)

JWOC/EYOC candidates  11:30 - 12:30

Orange/Red                       11:30 - 2pm

Green, Blue, Brown            12:30 - 2pm

Orange course for inexperienced people in the Woods

Orange   3.0 km, 80 m, 7 c

Red, Green, Blue and Brown will use both the remapped (thinned) woods and open moorland.

Brown   10.0 km, 305 m, 20 c

Blue   7.2 km, 175 m, 15 c

Green   4.9 km, 135 m, 11 c

Red   4.4 km, 150 m, 12 c