Friday, July 3, 2020

Sun 5th July & Wed 8th July


START TIMES: 10:30am - 1pm
PARKING: Parking will be at the side of the old Cork-Dublin road about 1 km on the Cork side of Kilcoran Lodge Hotel.

START: Access to the moorland will be via a gate to the field which is closest to the woods.
The gate will be slightly opened with a low stile to prevent sheep exiting.
The start will be about 200 m (40 m climb) from the gate.
Maps will be rolled and a loose description rolled with it.
If the weather is not dry, the maps will be bagged and the loose descriptions will be in the bag.
Competitors will pick up their map before punching the start and can take some time to get organised with the loose descriptions.
There will be a separate queue for each course and the map boxes will be separated significantly.
The start SI box will be shared so only one competitor / family group must approach it at the time.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be either at the gate or at the start depending on outcome of inspection.
All competitors will be required to supply a contact phone number at time of registration according to COVID-19 guidelines.

Competitors will call out names, course and contact number from outside a taped off area.
Rental SI cards will be available for a competitor to pick up themselves.
There will be no passing of anything to/from registration personnel.

DOWNLOAD: The download will be at registration

PAYMENT: The IOA online payment system is not quite ready for roll-out so please BRING EXACT CHANGE and place payment in the box at registration

adult €8
child €4
student €5
family €15
SI-card rental €1

Brown   9.9 km   400 m   20 c    1:15000
Blue      7.3 km   265 m   13 c    1:10000
Green   5.5 km   205 m    11 c    1:10000
Red       4.5 km  150 m    10 c    1:7500
Orange  3.2 km  115 m     8 c     1:7500

All courses will be in the open moorland so there will be no difficulty with social distancing.
The map has been updated to ISOM2017-2

CONTROLS: All courses including Orange will be SI only (Rental SI cards will be available). There will be no punches on the controls.
Please step a few metres away from controls immediately after punching to keep out of other competitors way.
Please do not touch the SI boxes as another competitor may have touched it previously.
Supervisory adults in families should take special card with young children and consider keeping the SI card themselves

STILES: There are a number of stiles which were previously placed to cross wire fences at various points.
Use of these is not compulsory but is recommended.
Please do not grab the support poles but rather lean against them using one's arm if support is required.
PLANNER: Liam Cotter
CONTROLER: Tony Cotter

(2) Open  event on Wednesday 8th July

ROCHESTOWN - BLACKROCK GREENWAY (from 3 pm and onwards), W730695.
Park in the public car park near Harty's Quay, opposite the Rochestown Inn, on Rochestown Road.
Score event
(a maximum of 5.5 km with up to 19 controls, visit them in any order, in one hour or less)
Numbers are limited and you must pre-enter (see prev events re. registration) and submit your name, number of maps required and your contact telephone number for the HSE.

Adults eur 3, Students eur 2 and Juniors eur 1