Thursday, October 19, 2017

CURRAGH WOOD Event (Fota Event Cancelled!)

The Orienteering event for Sunday 22nd October 2017 has been changed from FOTA ISLAND RESORT to CURRAGH WOOD, on Midleton / Lisgoold road

Storm Ophelia has done a lot of damage to the orienteering areas at Fota Island Resort and for health & safety reasons it is best not to use it this Sunday (there are lots of large trees down, branches down, live electric wires down on a 300 m track that is used by all courses, etc. The area is in a mess).

The gate going into Fota Wildlife Park is closed, so more problems there.

Curragh Wood is not too bad and so we have switched to Curragh Wood for next Sunday, please inform anyone that you know of that might have been planning on going to Fota Island Resort on Sunday.