Monday, December 12, 2011


Sunday 18th December 2011

HODDERSFIELD WOOD & ESTATE, Crosshaven (W 788 613). Park near RCYC at the start of Crosshaven Village (the start of the old railway line to Carrigaline). 10 am to 1 pm. Map Scale 1: 10 000. Cork County League (Round 8) & Family Day. SI electronic punching for Brown to Red Courses.

All courses except the Yellow course will go through a pasture field containing five cows.

WARNING: There is an old white bull in a field on his own near the big house / farm yard. He is not go near him or into his field (he has already chased his owner!!!).

Parking & Registration in Crosshaven (also Yellow Start and Yellow Finish). The starts for all courses (except Yellow) is 1.5 km along the old railway line. All courses, except Yellow and Orange, finish across the road from the registration area. The Orange course starts and finishes at the same place (1.5 km from the car park.......there is room for a limited amount of parking at this start point).

Planner: SC

BROWN COURSE (hardest): 7.8 km, 200 m, 25 c (One map)
BLUE COURSE: 6.0 km, 140 m, 22 c
GREEN COURSE: 5.4 km, 130 m, 19 c
RED COURSE: 4.1 km, 100 m, 16 c
ORANGE COURSE: 3.0 km, 85 m, 13 c
YELLOW COURSE (easiest): 3.0 km, 5 m, 8 c (Along the old railway line and back to Registration area)