Sunday, October 23, 2011


Monday 31st October 2011 (not Sunday!!)

BALLINORA WOOD (North), Curraheen Village/Grotto, near Cork City (W 610 689) Park on the link road off the Ballincollig By-Pass 10 am to 1 pm; see notes below!
Map Scale 1: 7 500 Cork County League (Round 1) & Family Day

Planners: Terry Ley (usual courses) & Pat Murphy (Relays)
Helpers: Gavin Hurley

BROWN COURSE (hardest): 0.0 km, 000 m, 00 c
BLUE COURSE: 7.2 km, 350 m, 24 c
GREEN COURSE: 6.1 km, 325 m, 22 c
RED COURSE: 4.5 km, 220 m, 20 c
ORANGE COURSE: 2.1 km, 95 m, 14 c (Witches & Goblins course)
YELLOW COURSE (easiest): 1.6 km, 70 m, 11 c (Witches & Goblins course)
RELAY COURSES: (details on-the-day)

SI card hire available on the day.

1. Ballinora Wood has been sold by Coillte and is now in private ownership. No dogs allowed by order of owner of Ballinora Wood.
2. Construction work planned on South Ring Road's two pedestrian bridges over bank holiday w/e.
3. Please do not park near wood entrance / around grotto - use link road to Ballincollig by-pass.
4. Families welcome but courses not suitable for buggies.
5. Terry Ley has the Yellow and Orange courses made out for Hallowen surprises for children. Please e-mail Terry Ley (terryley at eircom dot net) if you intend bringing children along for the Yellow or Orange courses on Monday so that he can have enough goodie bags ready (Witches & Goblins course)