Friday, February 11, 2011

BOC Member to Take on America this June

One of BOC's members, Donncha Cuttriss is about to take on the challenge of a lifetime: Race Across America and he is looking for adventurous people to join his support crew. This race is viewed as the world's toughest cycling race and covers 3,000 miles. There are four person and 8 person teams, but Donncha ( is taking part in the Solo Men's event. This is a huge undertaking. He is the only Irish Solo entered in the event so far. His chosen charity is the Aisling Group International.

Donncha is looking to fill some open spots on his crew from June 11th this year. He needs a crew to support him and is short two people: a cook/nutritionist abd a physio/masseuse. The kind of people he is looking for must be able to drive and have a full driving licence, be tough and up for a big adventure. This would also be a great project for a nutritionist/sports science student for research as he will need over 10,000 calories a day.

The crew will need to travel to the US from 11-30th June. The race will be 12 days or less depending how well Donncha is doing. All costs will be paid other than the price of the flight but he will give the crew sponsorship cards to raise the price of flight. The crew will have a huge r.v. and van driving across the states behind him.If you think anyone might be up for it with some of the skills I mentioned or you are interested in it yourself, please drop me a line. The time off is a prob with most people so I'm thinking students might be up for it as long as they are mature and can survive on 3-4 hours sleep a nite during the race. This is a tough challenge, even for the crew.

If anyone knows someone who might be interested in joining Donncha's crew please let us know or if you want to support Donncha, please visit the Aisling Group website to donate.