Monday, April 26, 2010

Irish 3-day 2010 Donegal

Organisers: Galway Orienteers “The Western Eagles” (WEGO)

Day 1 Sat 5th June Starts 4-6pm
Day 2 Sun 6th June Starts 11am-1pm
Day 3 Mon 7th June Chasing Start 10am

Venue: East of Lough Eske, Co. Donegal Grid Ref. G 985 841 Signposted from N15 about 6k South West of Barnesmore Gap and about 4k from the roundabout East of Donegal Town

The assembly area and parking for all three days is the local Community Centre and Sports Pitch across the road. Parking Fees are €5 for weekend. Please have coins and park as directed

Entries: Online entries

Fees Per Day:
Early Fees up to Fri 30th April: Adult (€12) Junior/Student (€6) Families (€30) Over 65 (€10)
Late Fees up to Fri 21st May: Adult (€15) Junior/Student (€7.50) Families (€37.50) Over 65 (€12)

Course Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
1 M21L 5.1k 250m 9.2k 365m 8.2k 370m
2 W21L M35, M20 4.2k 225m 8.5k 300m 7.6k 355m
3 M18, W20 M40/45 W35 3.9k 200m 7.2k 275m 6.3k 305m
4 M16, W18 M21S/50/55 W40/45 3.1k 140m 6.0k 240m 5.5k 280m
5 M60, W50 W55, W21S 2.8k 110m 5.2k 215m 4.9k 230m
6 M65/70/75, W16/60/65/70 2.6k 120m 3.2k 140m 3.5k 155m
7 M14, W14 2.0k 80m 1.9k 75m 2.3k 80m
8 M12, W12, M10, W10 1.9k 70m 1.9k 70m 2.3k 80m

Terrain: Open undulating moorland, with intricate contour detail and few tracks and paths. Ground cover varies from bare rock to low heather. Most of the re-entrants contain marsh with some uncrossable. All rock features are not mapped; the black line symbol without tags will be used for most crags. All rough open land is shown as 20% yellow.

Maps: Scale 1:10,000 with 5 Metre Contours, Size A4
Surveyed 2008 by Pat Healy, Curragh Naas Orienteering Club (CNOC) and Padraig Higgins, Midland Navigators (MNAV)

Start List: Published on O groups

Timing: Sportident electronic punching

Travel and Accommodation Information: here