Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Orienteering Intervarsity

Hi All,

The 2010 Orienteering Intervarsities Championships will be held on the 28th March in Emo Court, Emo, Co. Laois in conjunction with the Leinster Spring League event. For entry forms please contact here and entries are due by Wednesday 24th March. Entries are €10 per person and payments will be collected at registration on the day.

Registration will be at the carpark of Emo Court house, see ttp://pininthemap.com/ppa0db27ed180fe00bf. Follow signs from Emo village to Emo court house. Parking will be on the grass (courtesy of the OPW) please follow stewards directions for parking. The main car park is reserved for local users. Toilets and coffee shop facilities will be available.

Source: Laois County Council
The coillte forest is 3sq km and the OPW park is 1sq km with the remainder being farmland and is out of bounds. The area is a mixed deciduous/coniferous forest with a good network of roads and tracks. The forest varies from fast run to walk and fight. Forest with bramble is shown solid green on the map. Forest runnable in one direction is shown green with white stripes showing the direction of run. The overall elevation for Emo demesne is 100m. It is generally flat with some gentle inclines. The terrain has several man made depressions and disused quarries. These used for the supply of stone for famine relief schemes. Old oak tree stumps still remain and are marked with a brown X on the map. Large distinctive trees are marked with the green circle on the map. The forest offers good route choice, decision making problems and challenging courses.

Course lengths
Men's A (Brown) 9 km 100m climb, map scale 1:10000 A4
Women's A (Blue) 8.5 km 90m climb, map scale 1:10000 A4
Men's B (Green) 6km 80m climb, map scale 1:10000 A4
Women's B (Light Green) 4.5 50 m climb, map scale 1:10000 A4
Men's/Women's C (Orange) 2.6 km 30m climb, map scale 1:7500 and text control descriptions

Please indicate your course on the entry form.

Start Times
Start times will be available from 11:00 -13:00, please give an indication of your desired start time on the entry form.

There will be individual prizes for each of the six categories and a team prize for the winning Men's and Women's team. The Men's and Women's winning team will be taken as the team with the fastest combined time of three runners on the Men's A and Women's A courses.

Other Information
SportIdent Timing will be used, so bring your SI card if you own one and provide the SI number with your entry. SI cards will also be available to rent on the day.
Control Descriptions will be on the map and available at the start.Please show courtesy for other recreational users. Take care when crossing public tarmac roads and watch out for traffic.

The Irish Orienteering Students Association would like to acknowledge Curragh-Naas Orienteering Club for facilitating this event.
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact. Please forward this email to any interested clubs/persons.

Kind Regards,
Kieran Beausang