Monday, March 30, 2009

BOC Evening events.....

Now that the clocks have changed and the evenings are beginning to get longer, Bishopstown Orienteering Club are starting their Business Houses League. These take place every Thursday evening and there is a choice of 3 courses...

  • SCORE COURSE (Hardest): Visit as many of the control sites as you can and in any order in 60 minutes or less. Penalties for over the hour and bonus for under the hour if all controls got.

  • MEDIUM COURSE : Slightly difficult. Visit the controls in numerical order. Might suit someone who wants a good walk or jog without getting too technical.

  • SHORT COURSE (Easiest) : Very easy. Visit the controls in numerical order. Suitable for anyone who justs wants an easy walk, beginners or kids.

ENTRY FEES : € 6 Adult, € 5 Student, € 3 Junior, and € 12 Family. Second run on the night € 2.

More details on the fixtures list.